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Feeldoe massage münchen tantra

feeldoe massage münchen tantra

is worshipping the body as a temple of the soul, you can feel yourself comfortably. While the massage you can enlarge und help this experience, byfollowing our breath and letting this energy slowly reach your hearth. Discover your place of sensuality in Munich. A journey in your innermost feelings let yourself been seduced into the magic of your body, a deep arrival at the present moment enjoy! Erotic massage tingling hot relaxation During an erotic massage in Munich you can expect a pleasurable massage, which will immerse you in a world of fantasies.

Feeldoe massage münchen tantra - Tantra, Erotic Wellness

Warm-heated, passionate, gentle, power- and playful Massage. Still tantra stretches far beyond the sensual needs of man and woman. Immerse yourself in a world of emotions and let yourself be pampered from head to toe. At the genitalmassage (lingam or yoni massage) life energy is rather build. You are accompanied with some littleplayfullnes, odours, sounds, feathers, furs and shawls, also with my hair, fingertips and my whole body on your journey into the world of sensual perception. As our beloved feel often likewise, we cannot get what we desire in our relationship. Massage is one of the subtlest arts its not just skill. Leila, silvi, susi, maxim, cornelia, nora, alexandra. With tantra massages that are just as unique as you are. The combination of these seamingless opposing forms of energy is particular for the way of tantric massages.


Double penetration pegging with a feeldoe part. feeldoe massage münchen tantra Ladies, zara, emilia, studio Charisma, studio Aviendha, ladies. Dont execute it like a job, let it be teasing and happiness. It begins with a greeting or ritual. Indeed it happens, that trough the wholebody massage, the energy, which is bound in the first chakra, will be spread over the whole body. Feelings of lust, sensibility, being at home, sense and connection spread throughout your whole body, that lets yourself settle down within yourself, in your body, yourheart and soul. Give away and relax, feel your soul energized, with ecstasy, lust, easiness, being at home, healing.

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